Diabetes Type 2

Sylvia - Interview 38

Age at interview: 41
Age at diagnosis: 40

Brief outline: Diagnosed a year ago. Sylvia takes metformin, simvastatin and amlopidine.

Background: Sylvia is an administrator who lives with her partner and has one son aged 11. Ethnic background/Nationality: Black British.

Audio & video

Sylvia was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago when she went into hospital for an operation. For some time she had noticed she was drinking all the time but she was convinced there was nothing wrong with her. After her diagnosis she was advised to increase her exercise and make radical changes to her diet - avoiding all sugary drinks and spicy foods. At first Sylvia coped really well and felt pleased that she to lost a lot of weight and felt much better in herself. But as time has gone on she is finding it very difficult to stick to her new diet which she finds boring and bland. Recently her metformin has been increased which has not agreed with her, and she was also prescribed rosiglitazone which she decided not to take at all.

At the moment Sylvia knows she does not have her diabetes under good control. She finds it really hard to socialise as some of her friends don't really understand how diabetes works or how difficult it is for her not to eat the same food as them. She particularly misses sweet drinks made from fresh fruits and condensed milk and says that even though she makes sure she has a bottle of fresh water on her desk at work, she simply doesn't want to drink it.

Her partner and son dislike the food she has to eat which means she ends up most days cooking two dinners - one for them which is spicy and tasty - and the other for her which she finds boring.

She knows she should kick-start a new exercise and dietary regime, but at the moment is avoiding going to see her diabetes nurse. She recently received a letter from her GP reminding her that she needs a checkup but she is worried about going because she thinks her blood glucose will be too high. Sylvia wonders if she could get more expert help to cope with her diet.


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