Diabetes Type 2

Stuart - Interview 12

Age at interview: 60
Age at diagnosis: 55

Brief outline: Stuart was diagnosed with diabetes five years ago. Currently he controls his diabetes by diet alone and takes no medication.

Background: Stuart is a taxi driver and is married with two adult children aged 28 and 30. Ethnic background/Nationality: White British.

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About five years before the interview, Stuart had a series of nosebleeds and when they were investigated it was discovered he had high blood pressure and also type 2 diabetes. He felt shocked and angry because he felt healthy and believed he had a good lifestyle. In 2004, he and his family moved up to Scotland and registered with a new GP, where they carried out a set of routine tests. These new tests cast some doubt about the diagnosis of diabetes, and it was suggested that he might have glucose intolerance instead. Stuart felt quite pleased to hear this, but when they changed their GP practice again (moved from temporary accommodation to their current house), the original diagnosis of type 2 diabetes was re-confirmed after a blood test. 

After the diagnosis, Stuart changed his diet, although he believes that he ate quite healthily anyway, and started to routinely eat a healthy breakfast. He used to go to the gym regularly, but after moving to Scotland he has found that difficult. However, he has taken up golf and also does weights at home. Stuart also changed occupations when he moved to Scotland and is now a taxi driver. He feels that his new job is very sedentary and makes exercise during the day difficult. 

Stuart has never experienced any of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes and is not on any medication. He thinks that sometimes this may cause him to deny that he even has diabetes, but he is well aware of his condition and does his best to live a healthy life.


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