Diabetes Type 2

Rita - Interview 19

Age at interview: 74
Age at diagnosis: 68

Brief outline: Rita was diagnosed 6 years ago, and after 6 months was put onto metformin.

Background: Rita is a housewife and mother who is married with two adult children aged 53 and 38. Ethnic background/Nationality: Welsh

Audio & video

Six years ago Rita noticed feeling very thirsty and tired and more irritable than usual. Type 2 diabetes was diagnosed and after 6 months, she was put on metformin.

Rita had seen her sister and her brother live with very severe diabetes. Her brother had sores on his legs and recently died from diabetic complications. Her sister lives near-by and her diabetes has also made her very ill - she is completely house-bound and Rita is concerned about her. Rita feels very lucky in comparison to her siblings, and believes that she has adapted well to her condition. 

The most significant change in her health has been losing her appetite. She has lost a lot of weight since being diagnosed with the diabetes, and struggles to eat proper meals. Rita has had a number of different medical conditions over the years, most recently diverticulitis. Rita worried more about having diverticulitis than diabetes and found it impossible to eat or drink anything without it going straight through her. The diverticulitis is stable, and Rita only has occasional 24-hour flare-ups. 

Rita is not able to walk much because of trouble with one of her legs but she is active in the house and the garden. She and her husband look after their young grandson which Rita enjoys.


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