Diabetes Type 2

Raj - Interview 06

Age at interview: 42
Age at diagnosis: 41

Brief outline: Raj was diagnosed when he was 41 when he was having routine tests for a blood disorder (polycythemia) that he has had for the last six years. He takes metformin and pioglitazone for his diabetes.

Background: Raj is a process operator and is married with two children aged 19 and 13. Ethnic background/Nationality: Asian

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Raj was diagnosed a year ago. He recalls that he had been losing weight, feeling tired and having pain in his legs. For the past 5 or 6 years he has been living with polycythaemia (a blood disorder, the overproduction of red blood cells) and it was during regular tests to monitor polycythaemia that diabetes was diagnosed. Now that he has diabetes, Raj feels that his risk of heart, kidney and other problems is increased. 

Raj feels much more tired than before and is extremely careful about his diet and lifestyle. He may play cricket or football with his kids, but feels exhausted after a short time. He still enjoys working, but again feels very tired by the time he gets home. Although his friends know that he has diabetes and accommodate his dietary needs, he finds that sometimes he misses being able to eat and drink the same things as them. 

Because of polycythaemia, he sees the GP every 2 months. He takes metformin (4 tablets/ day) and pioglitazone (1 tablet/day). He checks his blood glucose once every 2-3 days and feels that he can recognise when his blood glucose is getting too low or too high. 

Raj's wife and children have been a huge source of support for him. His wife cooks special food for him, and makes sure that he eats lots of fruit and vegetables. Raj works on shifts that change every week, so he takes a packed meal to work to avoid missing mealtimes.


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