Diabetes Type 2

Philip - Interview 15

Age at interview: 81
Age at diagnosis: 72

Brief outline: Philip was diagnosed with diabetes nine years ago when he was hospitalised after a heart attack. He was put straight onto insulin.

Background: Philip is a retired senior sales engineer and is married with two adult children. Ethnic background/Nationality: White English.

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Nine years ago, Philip had a heart attack (not his first) and was taken to hospital. On his second day in hospital, doctors told confirmed he had had a heart attack,  and also that he had type 2 diabetes, and would need insulin. Philip didn't recognise the symptoms of diabetes that he had been getting, but now looking back he remembers that he had felt tired and thirsty and needed to visit the loo more often. Also, he had hurt his shin, and it didn't heal as quickly as it would have done in the past.

A few days after leaving hospital, Philip saw a nurse who showed him how to manage his insulin injections. Philip liked the way the nurse involved his wife because having someone close by who has shared information has been useful. If he missed anything, his wife has always remembered; she has also remembered to ask questions when he forgot. 

Philip is very active in a local support group that gets speakers such as podiatrists, and eye specialists. He is also part of a discussion group at the hospital which includes doctors as well as patients talking about how best to handle diabetes-related issues. He also took part in an Expert Patient course, and found it very helpful. Philip's diet has not changed much since being diagnosed with diabetes, but he eats only at fixed times because this helps him regulate his insulin dosage better. He regularly goes fly fishing and enjoys it very much.


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