Diabetes Type 2

Philip - Interview 02

Age at interview: 68
Age at diagnosis: 46

Brief outline: Diagnosed at 46, Philip took metformin for 5 years and is now on insulin (NovoMix 30). He also takes amytriptyline, alloprinolol, simvastatin, bendroflurizide and atenolol.

Background: Philip is a retired company director who is married with no children. Ethnic background/Nationality: White British.

Audio & video

Philip is 68 and lives with his wife. He had his own business before he retired, and played rugby for many years. type 2 diabetes was found when he was in his mid-forties, when he saw his doctor about a sporting injury and happened to mention that he had been feeling a 'strange thirst'. After checking his blood and diagnosing type 2 diabetes, the doctor gave him advice about the illness, including about the experience of having a hypoglycaemic attack. But Philip didn't actually experience a 'hypo' for about the first fifteen years after diagnosis. Only much later, on a holiday in Spain 10 years before the interview, he missed two meals and as he was driving back to his holiday home, he had a hypo. It was quite scary and he didn't understand what was going on. He managed to get home in time to find some sweet food in the fridge, and since then he keeps emergency supplies of sweets and lemonade in the house.

Philip is on insulin and feels comfortable about giving himself injections. He checks his blood glucose at the right times, and keeps a record of his readings on his computer using an Excel spreadsheet. He shows a printout to his diabetic nurse every 6 weeks or so. He is very pleased with her and is very happy with the quality of care he receives. 

Philip has diabetic neuropathy affecting his feet' he finds it painful to walk for any length of time, he has lost sensation in his feet which affects his balance. Despite the neuropathy, Philip feels that type 2 diabetes has not affected his ability to enjoy life, and he does not worry about it much. He feels that if he follows the doctor's advice, and eats sensibly and does exercise regularly, he can enjoy all the things he loves doing, especially travelling and socialising with friends. He has taken no exercise lately because of a leg injury, and also because he finds it boring, but he intends to return to the gym soon. Recently, he was also diagnosed with leukaemia, and while this was a shock initially, he feels much more relaxed now. He thinks that he's had a very fulfilled and happy life and can get on with things without worrying. 


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