Diabetes Type 2

Paul - Interview 20

Age at interview: 52
Age at diagnosis: 38

Brief outline: Paul was diagnosed 14 years ago when he was in hospital for a minor op. He takes metformin and uses other medication to control blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Background: Paul is an aircraft engineer and is married with 4 grown-up children aged 34, 32, 27 and 25 years. Ethnic background/Nationality: British.

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Paul's diabetes was diagnosed when he was 38 years old and had gone into hospital for a minor operation on his ingrown toenail. A routine urine sample led to the diagnosis.

The biggest change for Paul has been his diet and working out for himself what he can and can't eat. He decided to make changes for himself rather than following somebody else's advice. For example, he found that the cooking sauces he used made his blood sugars soar, so he stopped using them. What worked for him was to eat something and then check his blood glucose, and then decide whether or not to eat that food again. He does not always completely cut out food that raises his blood glucose levels, but tries to eat it less often, but Paul decided to eat fewer takeaways. 

Paul feels uncomfortable about taking what he considers a high dose of metformin (about 3000mg a day) and doesn't want to increase the dose. For the past 18 months, every time he had a blood test and his blood glucose was high, he asked for more time to bring it down. So far this system has worked for him and his dosage has not been increased. As well as metformin, Paul also takes tablets to reduce his blood pressure and cholesterol levels, though he wonders if being on these tablets will increase his insurance premiums. 

Paul used to play rugby. Since his diagnosis he has lost a lot of weight and by looking after his diet he feels his diabetes is under better control. He hopes that if he continues to be careful, his medication will not be increased, and that he will not need insulin. Paul enjoys walking, golf, gardening and playing with his grandchildren.


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