Diabetes Type 2

Lawrence - Interview 33

Age at interview: 38
Age at diagnosis: 37

Brief outline: Diagnosed a year ago, Lawrence takes gliclazide and losartan.

Background: Lawrence works in the catering trade and is married with three young children. Ethnic background/Nationality: Born in Zimbabwe.

Audio & video

Lawrence was born in Zimbabwe and has lived in the UK with his wife and children for 5 years. A year ago he noticed he was having more 'toilet stops' than normal and asked his GP for advice. He was diagnosed with diabetes which he had heard of before but was shocked to discover that it could not be cured. Once he realised that diabetes is a lifelong condition he researched as much as possible on the internet, but he found much of the information was too medical and not 'social' enough for his needs. His relationship with his GP and the diabetes nurse is excellent and they have helped him a great deal. Initially his blood glucose level was 30, but since he started to get control of his diet - he and his wife made radical changes to the kinds of food they ate - his glucose levels have improved.

He is very concerned about the future, particularly about the security of his wife and young children. He wants to stay fit and well and says that worrying about his family makes him depressed from time to time. He wonders if stress triggered his diabetes.

Lawrence has been prescribed gliclazide and losartan potassium, which suit him fine. He would like to take more exercise but because he is on his feet all day at work, it is difficult to do more walking apart from at weekends. He enjoys tremendous support from his wife, his sister and his family and he has made sure that his children understand what diabetes means. He tries not to worry about the future, but is concerned to know whether his internal organs such as his kidneys are bound to become affected. He wonders if he can stop that happening to him by maintaining good control of his diabetes.


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