Diabetes Type 2

James - Interview 26

Age at interview: 67
Age at diagnosis: 42

Brief outline: Diagnosed 25 years ago, James takes metformin, doxazosin, lisinipril, gliclazide and sotacor.

Background: James is a partially retired university porter who is married with two young sons and also a grown up son and daughter from his previous marriage. Ethnic background/Nationality: Born in the West Indies, living in UK.

Audio & video

James feels he is managing his diabetes very well. He has a good relationship with his GP and has felt able to go to him about any concerns. James was diagnosed about 20 years ago, since when he has been given several combinations of medication. Now he feels his diabetes is '100% well managed' and that he is on a regime that suits him well. He tests his blood glucose levels every morning and makes a note of the readings in a book which he shows to his GP every 3 months. 

James leads an active life. He has two young children and has recently returned to almost full-time work even though he should by rights have retired. He has two allotments and spends as much time as he can gardening. He grows many different vegetables which he cooks for his family and feels that gardening has helped him get fit and given him the incentive he needed to exercise regularly. 

He compares his pro-active approach to diabetes with that of many of his friends in the UK and the West Indies, who try to ignore their diabetes until it reaches crisis point. James says that he did find it difficult at first to drink less alcohol, especially beer, but now drinks wine instead. He is also very careful to avoid eating processed foods and or foods that contain a lot of sugar.


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