Diabetes Type 2

Gareth - Interview 24

Age at interview: 61
Age at diagnosis: 50

Brief outline: Gareth was diagnosed 11 years ago. At first he was prescribed tablets, but is now taking insulin which he prefers.

Background: Gareth is a retired paramedic and is married with 2 grown up children.

Audio & video

Gareth's diabetes was diagnosed in 1996. He was working as a paramedic and so knew the signs and symptoms, but didn't recognise them in himself. Looking back, he remembers that he had been feeling thirsty and needing the toilet frequently but said that it never clicked that he might have diabetes.

Gareth had a very dramatic episode leading up to the diagnosis. He and his family were scheduled to go on holiday, and though he had been ill for a few days beforehand and hadn't eaten much. When they had boarded the plane and were about to take off, Gareth started sweating profusely and looked very ill. His wife stopped the flight and Gareth was taken to a doctor. 

After he was diagnosed with diabetes Gareth was put on gliclazide and metformin. He was still working as a paramedic, which included driving the ambulance at high speed and working long hours. As time went on, the medication dosage was increased to the maximum amount. Then Gareth had a back injury which forced him to give up work. It was at this point that Gareth transferred from oral medication to insulin, and he says that insulin has improved his quality of life. Gareth follows a routine which includes keeping fit and going to the gym regularly which helps him manage his diabetes.


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