Diabetes Type 2

Darren - Interview 35

Age at interview: 34
Age at diagnosis: 28

Brief outline: Diagnosed 6 years ago. Darren takes humalog, metformin, atorvastatin and candesartan.

Background: Darren is a baptist minister in training, married with 3 young children. Ethnic background/Nationality: White British.

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Darren found out he had diabetes 6 years ago. Back then he was a nurse and knew that his extreme fatigue probably meant he was diabetic. After trying to control diabetes with diet and exercise which didn't work, Darren was prescribed metformin and gliclazide. At the time of the interview he had just started taking insulin.

For the first few years following diagnosis, Darren says he was in denial about having diabetes. He wanted to resist being 'defined' by diabetes, and he disliked the thought of having to change his lifestyle. He deliberately avoided seeing his GP and the diabetic clinic for several years.

Though his diabetes is now more under control he is still fed up with it. He hates not being able to enjoy food anymore and having to subdue a natural impulse to enjoy food, sweet things especially. As a student with a young family he is trying to cope on a tight budget and says that buying enough fresh food for them all costs more than is generally recognised. He goes for walks on Dartmoor with a friend but says that apart from walking, he cannot afford to pay to join a gym or go swimming regularly.

He realised he needed to manage his diabetes better for the sake of his family - and their happiness is a major incentive for him. Sometimes he feels low but can usually think things through and end up feeling more positive - he says he's lucky to have such a great family, so many good friends and a satisfying job.

Darren wonders why there seems to be little support for people who find controlling their eating habits difficult - he feels that if smokers and alcoholics can get emergency help so should people with diabetes who struggle with their eating.


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