Diabetes Type 2

Chris - Interview 23

Age at interview: 61
Age at diagnosis: 56

Brief outline: Diagnosed 5 years ago when having a routine blood test as part of treatment for depression. Chris controls his diabetes by diet alone and does not take any medication.

Background: Chris is a retired nurse/behavioural therapist and is divorced with one grown-up child.

Audio & video

Chris does not recall having had any of the symptoms associated with diabetes. Diabetes was discovered only when the medicines he was taking for depression were being reviewed. 

Chris says that his diabetes does not make him feel unwell at all and he cannot understand why the condition seems so important to other people, particularly his GP and nurse. Chris prefers to control his diabetes through diet alone even though his GP has suggested that he should take tablets. Chris prefers not to take more tablets than he really needs because he is already on tablets for other conditions including high blood pressure. He says his blood glucose levels have never gone over 12, and that he starts to feel unwell when they dip under 10. His medical team have told him to aim for lower glucose levels. 

Having spent his whole life not having much of a sweet-tooth, Chris started developing a fondness for desserts when he was newly diagnosed with diabetes. He believes that since he looks after himself well - he doesn't drink, is careful about what and how much he eats, and does regular exercise - he doesn't feel ill and so is not concerned about his diabetes as yet. If his diabetes does start to make him feel ill he will give it more attention. Chris feels healthier and fitter than he has for a long time.


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