Diabetes Type 2

Alex - Interview 07

Age at interview: 54
Age at diagnosis: 51

Brief outline: Alex was diagnosed with diabetes three years' ago. He is currently taking metformin and gliclazide.

Background: No personal details given.

Audio & video

Alex's type 2 diabetes was diagnosed three years before the interview. He did not worry about it much then because he had no symptoms. The diabetes did not become apparent until he went on holiday to Spain a year ago, where he had severe thirst, and needed to urinate frequently. Also, his vision became blurred and this upset him a lot. Alex had no idea then that these symptoms could be related to his diabetes. When he got back, he had some tests and was put on metformin. The doctor told him that his blood glucose had been so high that he could have gone into a coma. Once the medication began to work his symptoms eventually wore off. At the time of interview he was taking metformin and gliclazide.

Over the past seven years, Alex has developed painful peripheral neuropathy in his feet. He cannot stay on his feet for long and has lost sensation from his shins downwards. He attributes this to alcohol addiction in the past, rather than the diabetes. Sometimes, the pain is so severe that it prevents him from doing exercise, like walking, which would help with his diabetes. 

For the past six months, Alex's blood glucose levels have been under control and the medication seems to suit him. Also, he is much more careful about his diet and eats regular meals with more fresh fruit and vegetables. Alex maintains an active life, and frequently socialises with friends, spends time with his children and grandchildren and does DIY.


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