Testicular Cancer

Messages to others about testicular cancer

The men had many messages for others. A key message was aimed at men who dislike going to the doctor or feel too embarrassed to seek help. Many men pointed out that testicular cancer is highly curable, especially if caught in good time, and that men shouldn't be anxious about treatments, which are much better than they were in the past.

A man who delayed seeking help because he thought he had an infection, suggested that he might have had shorter treatment if he had gone to the doctor a bit quicker and he concluded, “If you spot anything at any time, any questions, any doubt, go and get it checked out”.

Many men suggested that it is a good idea to 'know' your own body, and to check your testicles regularly for any unusual swelling, lumps or bumps. Some explained how to do this, and suggested that this is best done in the bath or shower (also see 'Signs and symptoms'). Men were urged to be confident in their ability to know when something is wrong, and to tell their GP.

Some men stressed that if people with symptoms are not happy with their GP's diagnosis they should return to the GP again or seek a second opinion from a consultant. One pointed out that GPs can't know everything.

Many men urged others to seek information. One man suggested that men newly diagnosed with testicular cancer might find it helpful to read other people's accounts of cancer and other illnesses, and another, who is a doctor, pointed out that many other diseases are far worse than testicular cancer.

One man suggested that men with testicular cancer should ask questions, even if hospital doctors and nurses appear busy. He also said that that people shouldn't be afraid to demand the treatment that they are entitled to receive.

Many men stressed the importance of thinking positively, having a laugh with friends, sharing problems, and keeping things in perspective. One man said that he found it helpful to visit the pub, and he said that he kept his mind off his problems by reading, going to the cinema, and making sure he had a good looking girlfriend. (See 'Support and counselling' and 'Attitude to life').

One man asserted that losing a testicle doesn't make much difference to cosmetic appearance (see 'False testicles'), and urged men to think positively.

Last reviewed December 2017.


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