Ovarian Cancer

Messages to others

The women we talked to offered many different types of advice, based on their experiences. People are all different and what works for one person may not work for someone else. Here are some of their suggestions:

  • Take your symptoms seriously and be persistent with your doctors
  • Try to be positive and fight the illness
  • Don't feel guilty about having bad days
  • It need not be a death sentence; have faith in your doctors
  • Keep hoping
  • Find out as much information as possible and demand answers to your questions
  • Take someone with you; two pairs of ears are better than one
  • Pay no attention to depressing survival statistics
  • Treatments are improving all the time, so don't give up
  • Live one day at a time and pace yourself
  • Find ways to take control
  • Try to carry on doing everyday things and lead a normal life
  • Listen to advice but handle it your way
  • Accept help when it's offered
  • Talking to people about your illness can help you to cope
  • Once in remission try to put the experience behind you
  • Use cancer support centres because they can help you
  • Getting out and doing things can aid relaxation and help depression
  • There can be some positive outcomes from the illness
Last reviewed June 2016.
Last updated June 2016.

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