Sydney - Interview 16

Age at interview: 86

Brief outline: Sidney thinks that he has been on alendronic acid (70 mg tablets once a week) for about ten years. Three years ago he fractured his femur but hasn't had any other fractures. Feels lucky because he manages well on his own and experiences little pain or discomfort.

Background: Sidney is a retired factory worker and feels lucky that he is able to live an independent life. He loves gardening and says that it keep him fit and busy.

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Sidney can’t remember the exact date of his diagnosis but says that osteoporosis was ‘first mentioned’ by doctors in the 1960’s. At that time, Sidney started having back and neck pain and complained of severe headaches so his GP sent him for x-rays and later physiotherapy sessions. He says “in my neck, you could hear the cracklings on the movement”. He found physiotherapy helped.
Sidney thinks that he started drug therapy for osteoporosis around ten years ago and that he has always taken the same drug; alendronic acid, 70 mg once weekly. He has been on Adcal D3 tablets twice a day for longer than that.
Until 2005 Sidney used to ride his bicycle everywhere but following his hip fracture he stopped. His fracture wasn’t the result of a fall or any other type of accident, he simply stopped pedaling his bike and as he put his feet down on the ground the femur broke.
Sydney thinks that patient care in his local hospital has improved greatly and the only thing he finds fault with was his experience of early discharge after his hip operation. He lives alone and found out that no support was in place after he was sent home. He relied for shopping and other household chores on a friend his age and an elderly neighbour.  
Sidney is a very independent eighty-six year old man and he is able to do most housework including cooking, cleaning and shopping. He goes to the city centre twice a week to buy his groceries but avoids going when it is busy with other shoppers. His main social outing is to go to a pub once a week during the day to meet his friends from his working days. Every year during winter he goes on holiday for two months.
Sidney’s passion is gardening and says that it helps him keep fit and active. He feels lucky because he has managed to be independent, he is able to walk relatively long distances and experiences little pain or discomfort.


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