Clare - Interview 20

Age at interview: 65
Age at diagnosis: 64

Brief outline: Participation in a biomedical study revealed that her bone density was below the normal margins. A DXA scan confirmed a diagnosis of osteoporosis. Prescribe alendronic acid 70 mg once weekly and Adcal D3 two tablets per day. Maternal history of osteoporosis.

Background: Clare is a physiotherapist and since diagnosis decided to work part-time. She is determined to exercise everyday and makes sure she keeps a high calcium intake.

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Clare says that she has been ‘disgustingly healthy’ all her life but, as a health professional and as someone with a maternal history of osteoporosis, she was well aware of the condition. She also has low TSA count (thyroidstimulating antibody).
In November 2007 she volunteered for a medical study that involved among other tests, a bone density test and height measurement. Clare found that she had lost one inch in height and her bone density was below the normal margins. She went to her GP who sent her for a bone density scan that confirmed she has osteoporosis. She was put on alendronic acid and Adcal D3, two tablets a day.
Clare is determined to exercise every day and she tries to go for half an hour’s fast walk every morning before breakfast. Also, her attitude to using the car has changed since diagnosis. Now, she prefers to walk to places rather than relying on the car all the time. She also does Pilates and swims once a week.
Since diagnosis she has increased her calcium intake. At the hospital she attended to have her DXA scan, she found a leaflet in the waiting room about high calcium foods. She says that Ready Brek, a type of cereal is very high in calcium. She dislikes it intensely but has it everyday for breakfast.

She has many questions regarding medication and exercise and says that information on certain websites aren’t that helpful because they tends to answer the obvious but they lack the type of information that she is looking for which is an explanation of the different types (approaches) for treating osteoporosis.


After her diagnosis Clare decided to stop working full-time because she wants, as she put it, ‘do more living’. Clare says that osteoporosis doesn’t really affect her life and hopes that her medication, diet and exercise will keep it this way.


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