Beryl - Interview 05

Age at interview: 72
Age at diagnosis: 69

Brief outline: In her forties Beryl fractured both her wrists. In 2005 she was diagnosed with osteoporosis. She takes ibandronate (Bonviva) once monthly and Calcichew D3 Forte. She has pain in her neck and back and has restricted neck movement. Other conditions' diabetes and emphysema.

Background: Beryl is a retired factory worker; she lives alone and is restricted in what she can do around the house but a friend helps her.

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In her forties Beryl fractured both her wrists. In 2005 she was diagnosed with osteoporosis following pain in her head and neck. She takes ibandronate (Bonviva) once monthly and Calcichew D3 Forte. The intensity of her neck and back pain varies but her neck movement is restricted'p>


Beryl has been smoking since age sixteen but says that she has reduced the number of cigarettes she smokes per day. She had pleurisy and her lungs have deteriorated over the years. She now needs to have oxygen every evening before going to bed. She is aware of the need to stop smoking but finds it terrible hard to do so. She has tried acupuncture, hypnotism, etc, but without success. 'p>


Beryl knows that cigarette smoking does a lot of harm but doesn’t think that it was a factor on her developing osteoporosis. Many years ago Beryl said she was misdiagnosed with having tuberculosis and was given a treatment which she blames for her ill health and the deterioration of her lungs. She can’t remember the name of the drug but describes it as “white tablets” that she soaked in water and took twice daily. After a year and a half of that treatment she saw another consultant who stopped that treatment immediately.'p>


Beryl is restricted in what she can do, for instance she can’t do housework or gardening. She has a friend who comes around once a week and helps her with her domestic tasks and takes her shopping because she can’t lift or carry bags. Apparently, social services had not been contacted to assess her needs. Beryl relies on her elderly friends for practical help. She has a couple of good friends nearby and plays cribs once a week. 'p>


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