Life on the Autism spectrum

Peter - Interview 50

Age at interview: 33
Age at diagnosis: 30

Brief outline: Peter, aged 33, was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome three years ago. He is seeing a psychologist regularly which helps him with depression and he is finding life is getting easier over time.

Background: Peter lives on his own and works as a kitchen assistant. Ethnic background/nationality: White Scottish.

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Peter, aged 33, was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome three years ago after being taken to court by his employer. His mother had noticed that Peter was different when he was younger because of some unusual behaviours and language delay. Peter was bullied at school and thinks that the children sensed there was something different about him. He has always been concerned about being told off and hated being asked questions at school.
During his twenties, Peter got into a lot of debt and worked long hours to try to manage this. He suffered from depression and felt suicidal. Eventually things came to a head and his actions at work resulted in him being taken to court. In order to try and make sense of what had happened, Peter’s mother encouraged him to see a psychologist and he was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.
Peter describes how it took him about a year to come to terms with the diagnosis but now he feels he is different but in a good way. He feels more confident and is supported by his parents and by local services for people with autism. He is seeing a psychologist regularly which has helped him. He used to find it very difficult to communicate with people, particularly if there were more than one or two people in a group but he is finding this has got easier over time.
Peter loves slapstick comedy, particularly Ken Dodd and enjoys professional wrestling, watching DVD’s, football and going out with his friends. He meets up with a group of people with autism each month socially and feels it helps to mix with people who understand what he is going through. He has a very good memory and has always been interested in trains and train travel. He has worked as a kitchen assistant for the last three years but would like to get a job with better prospects and a pension plan.


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