Life on the Autism spectrum

Jamie - Interview 02b

Age at interview: 22
Age at diagnosis: 9

Brief outline: Jamie was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome when he was 9 years old. He uses certain techniques which helps him gain comfort and confidence in social interactions. He's working towards finding employment and leaving home to live independently.

Background: Jamie is single and unemployed. Ethnic background/nationality: White

Audio & video

Jamie was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, aged 9, after his mum took him to the GP and he was referred to a local health centre for diagnosis. He described always feeling different to other people and lacked confidence in talking to people. He attended mainstream school which he described as positive and negative, as he was bullied a bit. After school he went to college and studied motor vehicle, service and repair, and then did a course at home about Essential PC Installation and Maintenance. After two years working in a clothing factory, Jamie was made redundant and has been unemployed for 12 months.
Jamie describes how he has learnt to interact more comfortably with people, and he runs through in his mind some situations to learn where he perhaps misunderstood the situation. He ‘pre-scripts’ conversations in his mind and this has all helped him to gain confidence. He says that a strength of AS is the ‘strong interests’ which means that people with AS can be very knowledgeable in particular areas. Jamie’s areas of strong interest are computers and photography. He has built his own computers and enjoys going on trips to other towns to take photographs. Jamie would like to get a job and says that he would like to live by himself at some point.


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