The research


The web – bringing support and health information into the home: the communicative power of qualitative research
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Men’s accounts of depression: reconstructing or resisting hegemonic masculinity?
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What people close to death say about euthanasia and assisted suicide: a qualitative study
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The specialist palliative care nurse: a qualitative study of the patients' perspective
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Can I come off the tablets now? A qualitative analysis of heart failure patients' understanding of their medication
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Breast cancer in the family—children's perceptions of their mother's cancer and its initial treatment: qualitative study 
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Sleep, gender and aging: temporal perspectives in the mid-to-later life transition 
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in T.Calasanti, and K, Slevin [eds] ) Age Matters: Realigning Feminist Thinking New York, Routledge
‘Just a bystander?’ Men’s place in the process of fetal screening and diagnosis
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Why do General practitioners prescribe antibiotics for acute infective conjunctivitis in children? Qualitative interviews with GPs and a questionnaire survey of parents and teachers
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“It takes two to tango”… but what if one can’t dance and the other doesn’t want to? A response to van den Ven 2005 
Ryan S (2006)
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Gender, cancer experience and internet use: A comparative keyword analysis of interviews and online cancer support groups 
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The choice is yours? How women with ovarian cancer make sense of treatment choices 
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Women’s information needs about ductal carcinoma in situ before mammographic screening and after diagnosis: a qualitative study 
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The causation of disease - the practical and ethical consequences of competing explanations 
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Making Sense of Qualitative Data Analysis with illustrations from the DIPEx project
Ziebland S, McPherson A (2006)
Medical Education 405-414


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