Norman Lamb

Norman Lamb has been the Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk since 2001. He was appointed Minister of State for Care and Support at the Department of Health in September 2012 and served in this position until the end of the Coalition Government in May 2015.  As Health Minister, Norman worked to reform the broken care system and led the drive to integrate health and care, with a greater focus on preventing ill health. He also challenged the NHS to ensure that mental health was treated with the same priority as physical health, with access waiting standards being introduced this year.

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant is an English actor and film producer. Among others, he has received a Golden globe award, a BAFTA, and an Honorary Cesar.

Jon Snow

Jon Snow is the main anchor of Channel 4 News. Having taught on VSO in Uganda, his first job was as a youth worker in a day centre for homeless teenagers in London's West End. In his career, Jon has reported all over the world, from Afghanistan to Antarctica. He's a school governor and the Chancellor of Oxford Brookes University

Diana Melly

I looked after my husband until he died of lung cancer and vascular dementia.  I was lucky in that I was able to share my concerns with friends, his doctor, his oncologist and our admiral nurse.  Sharing was crucial in coping, and healthtalk is invaluable.  I wish I had been able to share when in 1958 I was given ECT with no anaesthetic and for no good reason.

Karol Sikora

Sharing information between health professionals and patients and between patients are vital components of modern healthcare. Healthtalk is a dynamic organisation which acts as a fantastic conduit for reliable information flow. It is very much part of medicine's future.

Richard Wilson

healthtalk.org is such as sensible idea and I can see why so many people use it. More importantly why so many people benefit from it. I wish it all the best for the future.


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