Age at interview: 16
Age at diagnosis: 6

Brief outline: Kyrun has systemic onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis. He was diagnosed when he was six years old. His arthritis has never been managed for more than three months. He has had lots of treatment and spent months at a time in hospital.

Background: Kyrun lives at home with his mum, stepdad and two brothers. He is a college student. He is white British.

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Kyrun has systemic onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis. He was diagnosed when he was six years old.
Kyrun developed arthritis around the same time that he contracted meningitis. He spent four weeks in hospital whilst doctors battled against the meningitis. Although the meningitis eventually went away, Kyrun still had problems with his muscles and joints. He experienced tiredness, pain and swelling in his limbs. After further testing and hospital observations Kyrun was diagnosed with arthritis.
At the time of the interview Kyrun described his arthritis as being poorly managed. He spent long periods of time in different hospitals because his doctors struggled to find medications that worked. The last time Kyrun was in hospital he stayed for six months and was transferred to a specialist unit over a hundred miles from his home. When he was transferred he weighed four and a half stone. He has had both of his hips replaced and experiences discomfort with his internal organs. Kyrun suffers from depression and used to self-harm. He once tried to commit suicide. 
Kyrun has been receiving psychotherapy to help with his depression. He reaches out to help others with the condition by working with charities. He wishes to tell others that there is always hope with new treatments. Kyrun’s physical and mental condition has improved lots since being interviewed for Youthhealthtalk. He is attending college and studies photography. He has recently completed work experience and helped the elderly. Music plays a big part in Kyrun’s life and he is a fan of rock, punk and heavy metal.
Kyrun is one of four people who recorded video diaries for the site.


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